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The Beer team is extremely excited about their 2018 sponsorship with the local OSPCA branch. Barb and Rick were amazed when they went out to meet Mariann and her team before Christmas. “What a great facility for these animals. To support the organizations efforts in helping out these future pets we will be making donations based on new quoting activity. $1 per new household and for every new household to the agency that donates at least $5, we will match it up to $5. We hope to have paper paws plastered all over our front lobby showing our clients support for these wonderful animals. The team was also surprised to learn that the local branch sells Royal Canine pet food at their Centennial Road location. Great pricing, great pet healthy pet food and the profit stays with the local branch. Watch for the new “Furry Friend Fridays” on the office’s Facebook page and listen in on Friday mornings to BOB FM for the pet of the week they are sponsoring. “We just need to keep the team from adopting every new kitten and puppy they meet!”