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We are very pleased to announce a digital breakthrough for our clients.  On your phone…… you will now be able to use our Accident Report Form and fill it in directly on your phone.  This may turn out to be a huge addition to our series of value added features at Rick Beer Insurance.  This form will allow you to make sure you get ALL the much needed information when and if you are ever involved in an accident.  No need to try and remember everything.  An accident can certainly throw you off and not allow you to be in a great frame of mind.  Many clients have never been in an accident and frankly are not sure of what they need to do.  This phone usable form gives you everything you need to know and a place to type in the information needed !  Congrats to our team for thinking of this and our tech team for getting it done.  Real People Real Service Real Value!!!!

Visit our Accident Report page by clicking here.